The Rise of Linear TV Amid COVID-19 Outbreak in Lebanon

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the MENA region in February, many people had to alter and adapt their lifestyle accordingly. With that, people's viewing habits and overall media consumption have also witnessed a massive shift within this period of self-isolation and quarantine.

Linear TV has gained back its momentum during the quarantine period, with more viewers in Lebanon placing themselves in front of their TV screens, to consume different types of content.

Since March 15, 2020,  the average time of viewing TV has increased by 21% across local and Satellite TV. Gen X (Ages 35-45) were the category with the highest increase of 28% in the average time of viewing Total TV.

In Lebanon, it is safe to say that around 132,000 individuals have started watching TV since the quarantine.

When it comes to gender, females spend more time viewing TV, however, males are now spending as much time since the beginning of the quarantine period.

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