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Ipsos Update - July 2019

July’s edition of Ipsos Update presents our latest research and white papers on topics including refugees and human rights, online security and trust in the media, Out of Home advertising and subscription services.

Project Understanding: The Global Refugee Crisis

In this special report, Ipsos contributes to building a better global understanding of the benefits of welcoming refugees.

Unpacking product subscription models

This white paper unpacks the barriers to adoption and identifies the drivers that could propel product subscriptions forward and unlock consumer demand.

Artificial intelligence: Four points of vigilance

This article on AI from Helen Zeitoun, CEO Science Organisation and CEO Ipsos in France, was originally published in French in Strategies, March 2019.

Ipsos Update - June 2019

June’s edition of Ipsos Update presents our latest research and white papers on topics including mystery shopping, global views on Europe, ethics in social media research and ageing in Japan.

Mind the gap: Why what a brand promises and what it delivers matter

What happens when there is a mismatch between what a brand promises to its consumers and their actual experience? Fiona Moss explores the promise-experience gap, the benefits of aligning the two and the pitfalls of over-promising.

Designing a better mystery shopping programme

A seven-step guide for organisations to derive more value from a better mystery shopping programme.

Financial Services in a Digital Age

Ipsos 2019 Southeast Asian (SEA) Syndicated Research Series

Parenting Decoded 2019

Ipsos 2019 SEA Syndicated Research Series

We see with our mind, not just with our eyes

This white paper argues it is essential to link responses on a product’s appearance back to the visual features that trigger them.