Economic Pulse of the World

Ipsos Update - April 2019

This month’s edition features Ipsos research and thinking on technology and healthcare, nationality and inclusivity, Indian cuisine, virtual reality, text analytics and more.

Connected Health: A roadmap to success

Connected Health is moving into the mainstream – how will this change the traditional structure of healthcare?

Corporate Sustainability: Creating and Measuring Impact

Learn how “sustainability” can reduce existential threats, bolster business continuity, rally stakeholders, and increase competitive advantage.

Ipsos Update – March 2019

March’s Ipsos Update presents our latest research on the future of the global population, ageing and attitudes towards automation. We also introduce new white papers on mothers in Asia, Japanese society and brand-building advertising campaigns.

Is your innovation research on its best behavior?

This white paper fights back at the criticism of surveys, showing how they can measure behavior and predict an innovation’s success.

How Automation Has Transformed the Way We Work

Worker Preparedness and Consumer Attitudes toward Automation Vary Widely Across Countries

Corporate Reputation: The key questions answered

How to unlock the value of reputation for businesses.

The Future of ageing

Global study finds high levels of concern about ageing and paints a negative picture for later life.

Be bold, be creative, do research!

How early communication research enables marketers to make more creative, bolder advertising…faster.

Keeping it fresh: being on trend in food and drink

This paper will look at how five macro trends – which are shaped by consumers’ views on life and perceptions of the world that surrounds them – can provide inspiration for innovation.