Spotting opportunities beyond the mainstream: the Vibrant Fringes

How listening to voices from the fringes can unveil opportunities for growth.

People relegated to the fringes are often the source of disruptive innovation, breakthrough ideas and the bellwether of emerging trends.

As global demographics continue to evolve and our world becomes more diverse in a myriad of ways, the definition of ‘mainstream’ is in unprecedented flux. We increasingly find ourselves belonging to many different groups, based on different aspects of who we are and the changing context in which we live. Identity is being continually redefined.

“Fringes” refers to niche or unconventional segments of the market that exist outside the average consumer base. These fringes have traditionally been seen as smaller opportunities and distractions from the needs of the broader market. However, this paper demonstrates how engaging with people in these colorful spaces – Vibrant Fringes – will uncover valuable insights and help organizations get ahead of and navigate the desires and demands of tomorrow.

Understanding the unique needs and preferences of these ignored groups on the fringes can help companies develop products that better meet the needs of not just the diverse customer base but also the mass in the middle.

In The Vibrant Fringes we share:

  • Why organizations must take account of shifts and changes in global demographics.
  • How targeting people on the Vibrant Fringes unlocks new opportunities and innovations that would otherwise be missed.
  • How getting ahead of changes will provide organizations with opportunities to meet the needs of a dynamic consumer base, communicate genuinely, and create loyal brand followers.
  • Ipsos’ six-step model to help businesses and brands identify the initiatives with the greatest potential for success.

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