Elections 2019: Unpacking Party Manifestos

General elections will be held in South Africa on 8 May 2019 to elect a new national assembly and new provincial legislatures. These, the sixth elections held since 1994, will be hotly contested in an environment where misinformation / disinformation has become prevalent.  We expect claims relating to elections and political parties to increase, particularly on social media.

Keynote address by Judge Sachs

Africa Check and Ipsos invite you to join the discussion of the 2019  Elections Manifestos (ANC/EFF/DA). Ipsos will present their research on public perception around political parties and key issues while Africa Check will share their findings on how the facts in the manifestos hold up. The seminar allows for people to discuss and debate a topic that  affects their daily lives and help make informed decisions while encouraging accuracy in public debate and the media in South Africa.