Ipsos in South Africa ‘corners’ the Brand market with newly appointed Brand Health Service Line Lead

Global market research company, Ipsos, is pleased to announce the appointment of Kim Larsen as Service Line Lead: Brand Health Tracking for Ipsos in South Africa. Kim replaces Julitha Tseka, who is transferring to Client Officer, remaining in the Ipsos South Africa business. Julitha served as Service Line Lead: Brand Health Tracking for Ipsos South Africa since September 2018.

kim larsen market research expert in brand health at ipsos in south africa

With former Service Line Lead (SLL), Julitha Tseka’s transfer to Client Officer, we are pleased to welcome a new brand expert heavyweight to the Ipsos in South African office, Kim Larsen. Kim started her new position on 01 August 2022 and brings over 21 years of experience in the Brand sector, expertise that will be leveraged to develop Ipsos’ growing footprint in Africa.

With five and a half years experience working as Client Service Director at Kantar before joining Ipsos, Kim’s experience is both broad and deep, extending from building strategic insights to developing complex regional programmes and deepening client relationships with their brands. Having completed her Bachelor of Commerce degree at the University of Johannesburg, Kim started her journey at Research Surveys, growing as a seasoned expert in helping clients refine their strategies for growth.

Country Manager at Ipsos in South Africa, Kelly Arnold comments “We are greatly impressed with Kim’s credentials and her understanding of the environment within which Ipsos operates. She brings extensive knowledge and experience to the business. Her long-term experience as a brand market researcher is an invaluable asset for leading this shifting market forward and driving further growth”.

South Africa, equipped with a range of specialised services that incorporates all key market research needs, understands what drives clients’ brand success and drives connecting these brands with people in a meaningful way to ensure sustainable business growth. We provide true understanding of which aspects of brand experience, image, and relationship matter to people when they make purchase decisions and provide guidance on setting the right course for activation across all brand channels and touchpoints.

We are continuously striving for excellence and growth, and her incorporation allows us to continue working towards our objective, which is to expand our market in South Africa,” says outgoing SLL for BHT, Julitha Tseka about the appointment of Kim Larsen.

Our brand measurement assets evolve with the times to ensure relevance, and capture insights that power our client’s decision making. Each solution (Brand Value Creator, Brand Mental Networks, Brand Signals and Activation Impact Modelling to name a few) plays a specific role in our offer, but the sum is greater than the individual parts. Clever, strategic, purposeful analytic integration of these powerful assets allow us to include and quantify the voice of the consumer in our tracking surveys, tell richer stories, ensure that what we measure is relevant, and achieve the best understanding of what drives brand performance.

Ipsos shares an entrepreneurial spirit entrenched in curiosity with a genuine interest in being innovative and responsive to client needs,” says Larsen of her decision to join the research firm. “The information and knowledge Ipsos provide to their clients helps them to make better decisions for the consumers they serve – what we do matters,” Larsen continued.

We look forward to an energised Brand organisation with a fresh handle on its strategic vision under the leadership of Kim.

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