[WEBINAR] Empty Offices: Understanding staff ambivalence to returning to the office

empty offices webinar free to attend Understanding staff ambivalence to returning to the office


Understanding staff ambivalence to returning to the office and finding the optimal balance to getting your staff back in the office.

  • Ascertaining how business performance optimisation is impacted by WFH
  • Understanding how employee well-being is being impacted by WFH
  • Establishing how team functions are impacted by WFH



External Speakers:


Herman Warren

The Economist

Director, Africa - Corporate Network

Herman Warren is The Economist Corporate Network’s Network Director for Africa. Herman works with corporate clients to provide insight and analysis on a range of topics related to the broad and specific African context, helping clients to prosper in one of the world's fastest growing and most dynamic economic zones. He regularly chairs and moderates events and delivers custom briefings to senior executives. Herman is the author of a number of white papers on infrastructure, financial and commercial developments in the region. Herman holds a BBA degree in Finance from Howard University.

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Cathy Ashton

Multiplex Partners Limited

Lead Partner

Cathy Ashton is co-founder and a Lead Partner Africa of Multiplex, an organisation development and coaching consultancy operating in Africa from Johannesburg and in Europe from Malta. A skilled OD consultant, facilitator, leadership consultant, assessor and executive coach, Cathy’s expertise centres largely on the theme of talent identification and activation through competencies. Cathy has designed and delivered assessment and competency-based OD, individual and group coaching processes for individuals and teams at all organisational levels and has extensive experience across a range of sectors. Additional areas of expertise include role design, competency profiling, competency assessments and performance management. She has three post-graduate degrees, including a Masters degree in Philosophy from UCT.

Multiplex Partners Website | Linkedin


Ipsos Speaker:


Stella Fleetwood

Ipsos in South Africa

Service Line Leader

Stella Fleetwood has been part of the Ipsos team for the past 14 years. She has a wealth of experience managing complex, large scale multi-country projects and conducting nationally representative surveys. Currently, Stella is the Ipsos FastFacts, a client do-it-yourself survey solution, champion. Stella's area of expertise includes corporate reputation surveys, crisis communication surveys and nationally representative large scale projects. She is passionate about the study of Corporate Reputation and is currently completing her PhD in Industrial Sociology at the University of Johannesburg with a focus on how societal norms influences on Corporate Reputation.

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