Ipsos Update - February 2022

Trustworthiness, Artificial Intelligence and Wellness are among the big topics in this month’s research digest from Ipsos. Also find new state-of-the-nation publications from our Colombia and Russia teams.

Featured in Ipsos Update – February 2022

Global Trustworthiness Monitor: Some sectors, including pharma and banks – and even some governments – have seen an increase in public trust since 2018, according to our new trustworthiness study. We explore the role that trust plays today against the changing backdrops of the pandemic, climate emergency, and fake news.

Artificial Intelligence: Our 28-country survey for the World Economic Forum finds that, on average, a majority believe that artificial intelligence will have a profound impact on their daily life in the next five years. However, only one in two say they have a good understanding of which products and services use AI.

Putting in the Effort: This Ipsos Views paper presents research on the balance of effort put in by customers vs. consumers when resolving issues, and the revenue implications of getting the balance right. Customers want to be treated fairly, and this extends beyond financial rewards. Customers want companies to be proactive, dedicated, transparent, and showing respect.

Start with the End in Mind: Segmentation initiatives tend to fail if putting thought into the activation stage is postponed to the end of the process. If this is accounted for early on, it’s possible to take specific actions to ensure success. Read our three-step segmentation remedy.

What Worries the World?: The recent rise in concern about Covid-19 continues in 2022. But people are, in general, less worried than this time last year. Concerns about jobs, poverty and corruption continue while inflation worries increase. This month’s report includes a new feature on the economic context.

The Future of Wellbeing: Wellness encompasses everything from mental and spiritual to financial wellbeing and, of course how we feel physically. Find out what the path ahead looks like with a collection of expert perspectives on wellness data, health systems, food, and more.

Colombia Flair: Our in-depth publication on Colombian society, markets, and people; Building on Diversity, reflects a reality in which diversity can mean beauty and pride, but also tensions and conflict. Our team write about social context, consumer trends, popular trends, the Colombian family, and much more.

Russia Flair: In the Flow of Change focuses on the socio-cultural profile of Russian people in the context of a changing world. Traditional values are still meaningful when marketing to modern consumers. Articles analysing family values, home, leisure, shopping, health, and more, help to build a human picture of consumers.

This edition also includes shorter features on talent in the job market, lessons for entertainment content from Squid Game, and a round-up of Ipsos’ latest podcasts for you to listen to.