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Customer Perspective | Getting it Right | The Operational Angle | Insight Out | Ipsos Views

Customer Perspective | Ipsos podcastCustomer Perspective

Customer Perspective is a podcast aimed at all of you who are concerned, in some way, with helping your organisation deliver on its Brand Promise to customers.

So whether you’re a Customer Experience practitioner, lead CX measurement and management programmes, head up Mystery Shopping, are responsible for the performance of sales and service channels, or functions, and their role in delivering customer success … then this podcast is for you.

Five seasons available here

Getting it Right | Ipsos podcastGetting it right: the brand strategy podcast

A fortnightly podcast looking all things brand strategy.

Our experts aim to inspire you to think differently about brands, brand strategy and brand growth.

Our goal in each episode is to leave you with at least one inspiring idea to act differently when managing brands.

Two seasons available here

The Operational Angle | Ipsos podcastThe Operational Angle

A monthly podcast on data collection methods in market research.

The Operational Angle is a podcast that explores the breadth and depth of Ipsos’ data collection capabilities. These capabilities are unmatched in the market research industry, ensuring that we provide decision-makers with access to consumers and citizens anywhere, at any time.

If you care about the quality and rigour of the data collected for your study, and how it impacts the decisions you can make, then this is the podcast for you.

Three seasons available here

Insight Out | Ipsos podcastInsight Out

A monthly podcast to explore emerging trends, budding innovations and creative ways to get closer to real people in real life.

Each episode features thought-provoking conversations showcasing industry leading thinking from the Ipsos global network of insights specialists.

Three seasons available here

Ipsos Views

The Ipsos Views podcasts provide a complementary dive into our publications. The interviews with the authors of our white papers will allow you to explore their ideas in more detail, learn more about what led them to their points of view, and offer unique insights and reveal new elements of that thinking.

These podcasts form an important part of our thought leadership programme, and you can find the whole series right here. Enjoy them on the move, while you work, or whenever you can. And please subscribe on Spotify, Apple, or Google to stay up to date on new releases!

One Mind, Many Truths - A podcast with Ben Page

People often hold conflicting ideas about the same thing, at the same time. What does this mean for market research?

20 minutes interview with our Global CEO, Ben Page, exploring the concept of "Cognitive Polyphasia", which is the ability to accommodate conflicting ideas about the same thing at the same time without experiencing cognitive dissonance.
Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Optimising the eCommerce Experience

Hear Yana Beranek, in conversation with Suki Beg, a leading expert in our UK UX business. Our experts discuss the main obstacles that online retailers need to overcome if they want to deliver great user experience to their customers. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Empathy Awakened

April Jeffries, President of Global Ethnography and Immersion, discusses her new white paper and explains why researchers need to develop a strong sense of empathy to look underneath into the real-life experience and deeper motivations and emotions.
Applying an empathetic lens can transform an insight from a detached observation that produces predictable solutions to one that meets both a consumer’s functional and emotional needs. Effective empathy takes you out of your world and into the world of another to see and experience the tensions that inform relevant insights and decisive action. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Creating a sense of presence: The power of virtual and augmented reality

To accompany the recent Ipsos Views white paper "Creating A Sense Of Presence", its authors came together in conversation to go deeper into its key themes, and discuss their expectations for how new immersive technologies will transform the market research industry in the next few years. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Time to decide

Listen to three of the authors of the ‘Time To Decide’ white paper in conversation. In this 20 minute podcast, our experts Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Hazel Freeman, and Colin Ho discuss how important it is to both innovation and brand growth to understand consumers’ response times”. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Emptier Planet

In this 40-minute episode, Darrell Bricker, Global CEO of Ipsos Public Affairs and author of the book "Empty Planet", discusses how those themes have developed in the three years since the book was published, and what impact the Covid pandemic is having on the underlying trends. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

The science of behaviour change

As part of our "Ipsos Talks" series of interviews with experts, we talk to Colin Strong and Tamara Ansons, Behavioural Science Leads at Ipsos about the current interest in not just understanding behaviour, but changing behaviour in an era of intense disruption to our lives and routines. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

The Sustainable Imperative

This half-hour podcast features the two authors of the Ipsos Views paper "The Sustainability Imperative" exploring some of its main themes - such as public views on the climate crisis, and the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on attitudes and behaviours. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Dancing with Duality

Four of Ipsos' foremost experts, from four different specialisms, come together to discuss the new framework they have developed to help our clients grow their brands. Subtitled "Achieving Growth in a Mindful and Mindless World" the new white paper in the Ipsos Views series that this podcast accompanies, also draws heavily on the latest thinking in the discipline of Behavioural Science. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Clean, green and affordable

The three authors of our new Ipsos Views white paper unpack the three main factors driving change in the packaging industry during the time of COVID. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.

Mystery Calling: Dialling up your contact centre performance

In this podcast, listen to one of the authors, Andrew Firth, Deputy MD of the UK Mystery Shopping business, discuss some of the key themes from the paper "Mystery Calling", as well as the impact that COVID-19 is having on contact centres and how mystery calling can help. Read the paper or listen to the podcast.