Ipsos Update - Dezembro 2017

Informativo global com papers e pesquisas dos experts da Ipsos.


  • Marcos Calliari CEO Ipsos no Brasil
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O Ipsos Update é um informativo mensal da Ipsos que traz uma seleção com as pesquisas mais recentes e pontos de vistas mais relevantes dos times Ipsos ao redor do mundo (textos em inglês)

Neste mês:

  • Flair Brazil: This report finds it’s a “time for truth” for a country dealing with years of political scandals, government corruption and the omnipresent “fake news”.
  • Latin American Opinion Leaders: The latest edition of the survey presents the regional presidential rates of approval.
  • Future-Proof your Brand: Setting out a four-step approach to help you embrace category disruptions, this paper explains how to use them as an opportunity for growth instead of a threat.
  • The Desertification of “Main Street”: Global consumers report fewer traditional “Main Street” businesses while increasingly resorting to digital and convenience-focused alternatives, according to this study.
  • The World at Work: Our global survey reveals employee fears and expectations regarding the future of the workplace.
  • International affairs: Our annual study for the Halifax Security Forum shows a growing consensus across the world that free trade benefits local economies.
  • Reflecting a changing Britain in a changing world: New report examining the factors that both divide the nation and those that bring it together. 
  • Global study on housing: People around the world explore what makes a great place to live. On the same topic, What the Future of Housing dives deeper into the attitudes of Americans.
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  • Marcos Calliari CEO Ipsos no Brasil