LATAM Opinion Leaders 2017

On this edition of the Latin American Opinion Leaders survey, we present for the third consecutive year, the region’s presidential rates of approval.

It is important to highlight that the evaluations that are reflected on this edition, are not representative of Latin American society. Instead, they show the perceptions of the most informed citizens, which take part in the development and construction of public opinion: Opinion leaders that publish their content in different media in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and a representative sample of Central America and the Caribbean.

The region’s presidents with the highest rates of approval amongst opinion leaders were Juan Manuel Santos from Colombia (78%), Tabaré Vázquez from Uruguay (67%), Mauricio Macri from Argentina (69%), and Michelle Bachelet from Chile (69%). On the other hand, the least approved presidents were Nicolás Maduro from Venezuela (5%), Michel Temer from Brazil (17%) and Raúl Castro from Cuba (22%).

Those presidents whose approval has increased continuously since 2015 have been Michelle Bachelet, Juan Manuel Santos and Enrique Peña Nieto from Mexico. On the other hand, left-winged presidents Evo Morales from Bolivia, Raúl Castro from Cuba and Nicolás Maduro from Venezuela, have continuously lost approval in the same period of time. Corruption scandals surrounding Michel Temer’s government explain his low approval in the last couple of years.