Ipsos Update - December 2020

The final edition of Ipsos Update of 2020 includes research and analysis on key topics including health, sustainability, gender equality and retail. We also look at public opinion on international security and the reputation of different countries around the world.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, our Global Health Service Monitor finds ratings of local health services are on the rise, with more satisfied with the quality of care and greater levels of trust in health services today than in 2018. However, there are concerns about access to treatment, waiting times and understaffing. Some 72% consider Coronavirus to be the top health problem, followed by cancer (37%) and mental health (28%). Meanwhile, COVID-19 is once again the top global concern in our latest What Worries the World survey.

The specific impacts of Coronavirus on women are highlighted in new international Ipsos research. More women than men have experienced burnout, anxiety or depression since the arrival of COVID-19. Looking across experiences when it comes to financial wellbeing and mental/physical health, the findings suggest gender inequalities are being exacerbated by the pandemic.

Sustainability is still a priority today for consumers and businesses, although it can be a complex and nebulous topic. In The Sustainability Imperative, we show how organisations can re-think their approaches to ensure their long-term viability. Also new this month: two reports providing the latest environmental analysis when it comes to waste and food.

Black Friday has kicked off the festive shopping season in this unique year. A lot was riding on how consumers would react to the annual bargain-fest – and on whether retailers would be able to deliver in a disrupted environment. Our latest paper reviews how it has evolved and how it is likely to fare in the future.

As we consider the retail environment is changing, another white paper on V-Commerce explores the possibilities for using voice assistants in shopping – including identifying the still untapped opportunities when it comes to putting this powerful tool to work.

Customer experience can be the difference between organisational success and failure. It is an increasingly powerful driver of brand choice, loyalty and advocacy. In Money Talks or Budget Walks, our experts present their analysis on how to deliver a return on CX investment (ROCXI).

Making sense of conversations online is an exciting and still emerging research area. Our new white paper reflects on evolving best practice and presents three building blocks of a successful social intelligence research programme.

Given the events of the last year, now seems like a good time to take stock. A 28-country Ipsos survey for the Halifax International Security Forum explores the public view on global threats, international leadership and efforts to control COVID-19. Canada is the country expected to have the most positive influence on world affairs in the next decade, while New Zealand earns top marks for its response to the pandemic.

Another study focuses on the European Union, with respondents in nine member states evaluating its impact on both the nations themselves and for Europe as a whole. The study includes a look at how well the EU is felt to have responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.