Ipsos Update - November 2020

This month’s round-up of research and analysis from Ipsos around the world presents new papers on our learnings from the pandemic, trust in the media, brands and advertising and automotive quality. Explore our new global survey on happiness, the latest ranking of 50 nations’ international image, and much more.

This edition opens with a key publication, Staying Afloat, which reviews the key findings so far from our research during the pandemic (in particular our ongoing 16-country Essentials study) and reflects on how brands can respond to this multi-dimensional crisis. We have brought together additional perspectives from behavioural science and some of the countries that have been worst hit by the virus, including Brazil, Italy and the US.

Trust Misplaced?, a new Ipsos report in collaboration with The Trust Project, explores the factors affecting media trust and truth, including access to and affordability of quality news, technological changes and disinformation campaigns. It presents findings from our 29-country Global Advisor survey and features a series of interviews in which experts share their perspectives and the local context in their countries.

Drilling down further into the issue of trust, a new briefing paper from our India team on the data dilemma of the connected Indian looks at the conflicting mindset that results from a population that has an affinity for technology but also salient data anxieties.

Our new global happiness survey finds that, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, levels of happiness are almost unchanged on last year – although there are some big shifts in certain countries. Overall, six in 10 (63%) report being happy today. Health and physical wellbeing is the most cited source of “greatest happiness” while relationships and safety have also gained in importance during the pandemic era.

The annual Anholt Nation Brand Index, which ranks the international image of 50 nations, finds that Germany is held in high esteem internationally, achieving the top ‘Nation Brand’ ranking for the fourth year running. The reputation of the US and China, among others, have taken a hit in 2020. Meanwhile, perceptions of both Australia and New Zealand are at a record high.

Turning to brand perceptions, in Tailored for Success, a study on the impact of personalised banner advertising, we present new evidence for those targeting particular audiences. Our research looks at where personalisation can better grab attention and grow brand relationships.

To better understand the implicit drivers of brand choice, Pictures Speak Louder than Words presents a new “metaphor elicitation” technique which can provide reflect how people really think and feel about products and brands, in their own words.

Finally, in Driving Quality, we show how quality and loyalty move together in the automotive sector. We share new evidence that the more satisfied a customer is with vehicle quality, the more a brand will enjoy a host of positive business outcomes.

This edition of Ipsos Update also includes special summaries of recent research on coronavirus, cities and infrastructure, the economic climate as well as a feature on the US as the country goes to the polls.