COVID-19 UAE Consumer Sentiment Tracker

In the UAE, many think the media has exaggerated the outbreak of COVID-19, even if only somewhat.

The Coronavirus epidemic has impacted markets,behaviors and lives. Understanding how citizen and consumer opinions and behaviors are evolving in this time of uncertainty is crucial in order to be able effectively manage and initiate the appropriate response.

Accordingly, Ipsos has launched The COVID-19 MENA Consumer Sentiment Tracker - UAE edition, which monitors a multitude of aspects in light of the Coronavirus outbreak, including, but not limited to concerns about the virus, expectations from authorities, changes in behaviors, and perceived impact.

Here are some key finding from the wave between March 15 and March 18, 2020:

  • There is high trust in public authorities, health organizations and scientists across all demographics.
  • Perceived danger is high in UAE, however downplayed slightly by the youth and westerners.
  • Only a minority believe someone close to them is very likely to be infected.
  • The majority feel the state of the virus will not become a crisis, but concern is higher with youth and locals.
  • Majority even think the Coronavirus impact will disappear by June of this year.
  • The vast majority see a total quarantine as a correct measure in case of spread.
  • Governments and national health organizations are perceived as best performers, with the UN falling short in comparison.
  • UAE residents are  confident in the government’s performance and ability to cope, but more skepticism towards finding a cure.
  • Most are protecting themselves by washing hands more often, but the youth and locals to a lesser extent.
  • Residents of UAE believe impact will be most notable globally rather than within the UAE.

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