Ipsos Update - November 2021

Our monthly round-up of research and thinking from Ipsos around the world includes new global reports on the topics of health, trustworthiness, and infrastructure. Also discover the latest white papers on empathy, insights, and retail trends.

This edition of Ipsos Update covers a range of topics, summarising the key points from Ipsos studies released over the last month in a way that is easy to digest and find out more. See below for a list of contents.

Global Views on Health: The latest wave of our Global Health Service Monitor explores public perceptions of their country’s healthcare services. Coronavirus remains the dominant health problem while concern about mental health increases. Another study for World Mental Health Day also explores the relative importance of mental health and physical health.

Trustworthy Professions: Our annual study gathers public opinion from across 28 countries on the most and least trusted professions. This year’s study sees doctors become the world’s most trusted profession for the first time as the pandemic provides a boost to their standing.

Infrastructure: This year’s Global Infrastructure Index finds the public prioritising environmental considerations over economic gain when it comes to new infrastructure projects. The survey also looks at how satisfied people across 28 countries are with their local infrastructure and the top areas for improvement.

What Worries the World?: The latest wave of our global issues tracker finds that Covid-19 is no longer the top global concern after 18 months at the top of the rankings. It slips to third on the world’s worry list as it is overtaken by economic concerns.

Transforming the Insights Function: Insights enable us to truly understand people and consumers, but a focus on decision-making is often lacking. This paper shares how the process of generating insights can be transformed for real competitive advantage.

Empathy Awakened: Developing a strong sense of empathy helps organisations to rediscover consumers as people and meet their deeper needs. We introduce a four-step framework for developing an empathetic approach for business.

Convergent Commerce: Retail channels have proliferated in recent years while digital and physical environments are blending. We explore the emerging world of convergent commerce, where a binary offline vs. online divide no longer applies.

The Rewired Consumer: The 2021 Tetra Pak Index indicates a rise in responsible consumption. This year’s report finds that the fragility experienced during the pandemic has created a shift from passive concern to active caretaking – of ourselves, our communities, and our environment.

Also included in Ipsos Update this month: