Canadians say Individuals Matter in Fight Against climate Change, But Are Unwilling to Pay more Tax

66% of Canadians think if everyone made small changes it would have big impact

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  • Sean Simpson SVP, Canada, Public Affairs
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Individual Canadians don’t feel defeated by climate change. A quarter or less feel they can’t make a difference, that the negative impact is too far off, or that its too late to do anything. In fact, two-thirds (66%) think that if everyone made small changes to their daily lives, it would have a large impact on tackling climate change.

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Just over six in ten (63%) of Canadians think that individual inaction in combatting climate change means failing future generations. While this is a large responsibility for Canadians to shoulder, they would rather do it themselves with small actions than have the government do it as just 23% would pay more tax to help prevent climate change.

Top Personal PrioritiesIn fact, instead of tax-payer funded government led initiatives, Canadians most preferred incentive to help encourage them to act on climate change is a financial incentive, like a tax cut, to encourage them to make environmentally friendly purchases (38%). The recent extreme weather also has an impact on encouraging Canadians to act, being ranked number two (31%), and having easy information on what they do on a daily basis (29%) rounds out the top three.

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The author(s)
  • Sean Simpson SVP, Canada, Public Affairs

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