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User Experience

User Experience

Creating transformative experiences through continuous user engagement across the entire product lifecycle.

A user experience (UX) comprises everything a person experiences and feels before, during and after using a product, system or service. Ipsos helps clients create transformative experiences by keeping users at the heart of the design process through the entire product lifecycle.

To create great experiences, you need to understand change.

Users are constantly changing. We have new ways of communicating and perceiving technology, and new attitudes toward ethics and trust.

Technology is changing, with new experiences arising through AI and machine learning, 5G networks, voice interaction, mobility, smart cities, and extended reality.

In a world of market-disrupting technologies and ever-changing expectations, our relationship with technology is changing. Users want closer, more frictionless, more secure, and more sophisticated experiences.

What are businesses doing to keep up?

There are massive transformations happening in organizations like yours: building connected ecosystems, bridging digital and marketing strategy, embracing privacy and ethical design as differentiators, and integrating UX and design thinking.

With so much changing so quickly, giving your customers a voice through user-centric design has tremendous benefits. Great user experiences increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. They reduce development and support costs. They can also leave a lasting impression of your brand.

We understand change because we’ve been helping it happen for years.

We are a team of researchers, design thinkers, developers and artists constantly thinking about the human experience. Over the years, we have helped our clients create their first ecommerce experiences, their first mobile apps, their first digital medicines, and their first AI-driven support chatbots.

Let us guide you through the process of creating experiences that put your customers first. We’re ready for the next billion users, because we were there for the last billion.

Any type of experience

Our multi-disciplinary team can help you create a multitude of experiences, from e-commerce, fintech and social platforms to enterprise tools, and automotive/mobility.

  • E-commerce
  • Enterprise
  • Fintech
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Mobility
  • Multi-touchpoint

Any part of the product lifecycle


Our skilled researchers and designers have expertise conducting early exploratory research to help better understand your users and provide strategic direction for your product or service design.


We work with you to ideate based on your business objectives, design constraints and user requirements, specializing in concise, content-packed ideation workshops. The insights we gain inform ideas for product creation and improvement, and will align stakeholders in a data-driven, unified design.


Our design experts create low- and high-fidelity mockups and functional prototypes optimized for research objectives. Testing with rapid prototypes provides task-based performance data to inform continued refinement of product designs.


Conducting usability testing is crucial to inform product improvements based on observed behaviours. We outline and conduct a detailed research plan for both formative and summative (validation) testing. Our data-driven process tests users early and often to understand their needs through research.


We provide valuable insights around the launch of your product to help refine and improve the user experience. Quick testing and A/B testing can help find flaws before they become user drop-off points, while design patterns and templates ensure a consistent experience across new features and products.


Once your product is on the market, we help you close the loop with your users by providing direct feedback on what’s working and what could be improved. We help you pinpoint the issues and come up with solutions so you can focus on your next great product idea.