Black Friday: The Story So Far (2017)

In this Ipsos Views white paper, updated and expanded for 2017, Tim Denison, Director of Retail Intelligence, takes us on a tour of the history of this prominent date in the retail calendar, identifies some successes (and failures) along the way, and offers some thoughts as to what the next few years might bring.

In 2017, Black Friday falls on 24th November.

Five steps to success

Every year there are new lessons to be learnt from Black Friday. Getting it wrong can have serious consequences for a retailer, given its size and its profile with the media.

Our top five steps to a successful campaign are as follows:

  1. When it comes to Black Friday, there is no such thing as over-planning.
  2. Agility is key.
  3. Manage shopper numbers entering stores.
  4. Stress-test logistics’ capacity and end-to-end execution.
  5. Prepare to put crisis management into practice.

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