Human Curation in an AI world

Human curation is more important than ever in an age of ‘Infobesity’ as it offers qualities that are not replicable by AI. We show how a fusion of AI synthesis and strategic human curation can help to drive business impact.

Businesses today are bombarded with information from a complex set of sources: ongoing research programs, archives of past research reports, business analytics, transactional data, industry reports, incoming data feeds, competitive activity, social media data and much more.

It is a veritable explosion of data, creating unique challenges for organisations to manage, let alone harness the data for insights and action.

This is the premise of infobesity: we are information rich but knowledge-poor.

We believe that Human Curation:

  • is fuelled by Curiosity
  • is about building cumulative intelligence and exchange 
  • can take into account even those things that cannot be measured
  • offers uniquely human skills
  • can explore possibilities and opportunities

And, it is most effective when employed alongside what modern technology can offer. We understand the power of a cohesive, integrated and iterative curation process fusing AI and human curation.

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