Ipsos Webinar : Digital strategy as a key driver of success in healthcare

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Mapping the Online Ecosystem to maximize the impact of Digital Customer Engagement Strategies

Maximizing the impact of Digital Customer Engagement Strategies has become more and more prominent within the healthcare sector.

This requires a clear understanding of what works best in the digital space and more specifically the ability to answer strategic questions:

  • What are the preferred channels, the preferred touch points?

  • How to develop impactful content and where best to focus customer-centric online engagement strategies?

  • What are specificities of HCP vs. “general public” content?

  • How patients utilize online channels for independent education?

  • Which entities influence the flow of information in a therapeutic category?

  • How competitors are shaping the narrative online?

This webinar will walk through the process of mapping and analyzing a therapeutic category’s digital ecosystem leveraging our new Online Ecosystem Mapping approach.  Understanding information flow, centers of influence for patients and physicians, advocacy group activities, leading voices online, and competitor online positioning strategies will provide insight into areas of opportunity and customer needs to inform marketing, engagement and access initiatives.

Speakers :

  • Andrea Fricket

    Andrea Fricker, Service Line Leader, Health Care Team in Basel

  • Ben Potter

    Ben Potter , Engagement Manager, Health Care Advisory in US

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