[Webinar] The Power of You - Distinctive Brand Assets

Distinctive Brand Assets, as defined by Ehrenberg-Bass, are ‘non-brand name elements that can trigger the brand into memory for category-buyers’. Much has been written about the importance of using Brand Assets to fuel brand growth, though little is known about which types are most effective in video creative and how advertisers can best use them to capture consumers’ attention.

To fill this gap, Ipsos ran a meta-analysis on more than 2’000 video ads tested in our creative evaluation service and derived learnings on the value of leveraging brand assets like visual cues, sonic cues, celebrities or brand character as a booster of creative effectiveness.

Providing actionable guidelines to inspire you and your creative agencies to infuse the best of your brand in your creative, this webinar is a call to action to help your creative leverage the Power of You.

Please join us for a complimentary webinar on this always important topic which is now even more relevant during these Covid-19 unprecedented times: 

  • Why distinctive brand assets are a driving force of creative effectiveness?
  • Which distinctive brand assets are the most effective?
  • How to best leverage brand assets over time?

In the meantime, find out more about the power of distinctive assets here:


Speakers :

  • Adam Sheridan, Global Head of Products and Innovation, Creative Excellence

Media & Brand Communication