75% of campaign success is driven by creativity: Test, optimise and validate in just 5 days!

We know that creativity drives successful campaigns and subsequently business growth. Thus, a strong creative foundation is critical to growing your brand – get it right and a spark of magic happens.

As campaigns get more creative, they get more effective, but too often advertisers follow the category conventions believing it works. 

Creative Advertising

Creative that conforms to category conventions suffers from cognitive immunity as people don’t pay attention to advertising, they have already seen – cognitive immunity kicks-in and they are automatically screened out. Or, most of the time, people don’t remember generic ads - they are simply ignored.

Great creative needs to earn the right to capture attention, to ignite new and existing memories, to spark new choices and create brand value.

Creative Effect Index

‘But isn’t it risky being super creative and break category norms?’ you might ask. Similarly, decisions are happening faster than ever, and creative processes are increasingly required to be agile and flexible. 

Brand Attention

Great advertising requires a total understanding of people – this is where Ipsos can help. We help clients bring certainty, speed and flexibility into the creative work. We bring in the audience to guide decision making by measuring the power of your creative to spark memories and behaviours to confidently grow your brand. 

We can help you proceed to launch with confidence by testing, optimizing and validating in just 5 days!

Creative Spark


Everything we do is grounded on our strong heritage in testing creative. We capture realistic attention metrics, test ads in real environments with real distractions, and observe the reality of how people make decisions. With a sales validated Creative Effect Index, facial coding as standard, and utilizing the latest in text analytics and machine learning.

Creative Expertise & Consultancy

The hard evidence [is] that creative work is more memorable, more effective and more able to drive overall business performance

- Keith Weed, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Unilever

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