Ipsos Update – January 2023

Predictions for 2023, Climate Change, Gender Equality, International Threats and much more. Explore the latest and greatest research on key topics from our Ipsos teams around the world.


The Ipsos Almanac | Responding to the events of 2022

We take a look back at the defining events of the past year and examine how people have reacted. Our global experts also take us on a guided tour of what 2022 has meant for their country.
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Global climate opinion observatory | Stagnating environmental concerns

The 2022 edition of Obs’COP finds purchasing power is now the key priority at the global level. Meanwhile, climate change is not generating greater concern and climate scepticism is growing.
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CX service design | Designing experiences that drive business success

We live in volatile times that are influencing customers’ expectations, needs and opinions. We share case studies and a four-step framework for designing world-class customer experiences.
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International threats and responses | Worry about possible worldwide conflict increases

Globally, 75% of people now consider nuclear, biological and chemical attacks to be a real threat. We explore global citizens’ perceptions of world threats, including confidence in their country’s ability to respond.
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Broken-system sentiment | A dampening of anti-establishment feeling

Anti-establishment feeling has receded across many of the 28 countries surveyed, most notably in countries that have had major national elections in the past 18 months.
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Women’s forum barometer | Perception versus reality

The third edition of the Women’s Forum Barometer on Gender Equity compares the reality and perception of gender equity related to female leadership, across the G7 countries.
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Global predictions 2023 | Citizens struggle to be optimistic about the new year

Across 36 countries, expectations that the new year will be better than the last are at their lowest level for 10 years, with widespread concern about the state of the economy, the environment and world security.
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