Harnessing the Power of Emotions in Customer Experiences

There is a state of flux or even anguish in the business world today - because no ‘new normal’ exists as brands, their call centres and online channels are all struggling to cope with the high traffic & new level of expectations from consumers.

This further creates a high level of tension on brands’ systems, processes and their employees. It’s critical, during this time, for brands to ensure that the experience delivered continues to focus on the Brand Promise or it will break the relationship with the consumer.

Amid these unprecedented changes, Ipsos has tracked the different initiatives, best practices and steps taken by brands to adjust to this new environment, to provide support, care and protection to customers facing fear of contagion, confinement, or other restrictive measures.

So how can your brand make a difference in times of crisis?

Please Click HERE to access recording of this webinar to learn how to foster and measure customer emotional attachment as well as real-life examples of excellent crisis communications from brands across industries in Hong Kong & the region, to inspire and help your business adapt during these unpredictable times. 

Customer Experience