Ipsos Loyalty

Ipsos Loyalty is the global leader in customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty research with over 1,000 dedicated professionals located in over 40 countries around the world. Our creative solutions build strong relationships which lead to better results for our clients. This has made us the trusted advisor to the world’s leading businesses on all matters relating to measuring, modeling, and managing customer and employee relationships.

China Luxury Forecast

The Ipsos/ Ruder Finn China Luxury Forecast 2012 surveys luxury consumers in the mainland China and Hong Kong.

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Wallet Allocation Optimizer (WAO)

Ipsos Loyalty’s WAO! provides a creative solution which will help marketers build stronger customer relationships leading to greater business success and more sustainable brands.

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Employee Relationship Management 

Ipsos ERM helps you improve employee commitment to your vision, mission, and strategy while measuring your staff expectations because in high performance environments, expectations are taken into consideration and acted upon.

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Enterprise Feedback Management 

Time-starved customers are less and less willing to provide feedback in traditional ways. Venture capitalists are funding specialist software companies with hundreds of millions of dollars to address company and customer needs alike under the name of enterprise feedback management, or EFM.

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Mystery Shopping 

Ipsos has the right people, platforms, pricing and processes to deliver quality, consistent and insightful Mystery Shopping anywhere on the planet for both tactical and strategic applications.

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Customer Loyalty Measurement  

Our validated Loyalty Optimizer framework offers a unique overview of the relationship between customers and a brand, bringing together process and market dimensions.

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Ideal Customer Experience (ICE)

Map Your Customer Experience to Uncover Moments of Truth, Pain Points, and Opportunities to Delight

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