Historically, luxury has proven one of the most resilient industries there is because it speaks to some of our core human needs. It’s therefore one of the fastest to rebound after a crisis and, once again, it did so after COVID-19. While the impact of the current economic climate is still to be seen, the fundamentals of the luxury industry are strong.

In this session, Javier Calvar, Head of Market Strategy & Understanding at Ipsos in Hong Kong, will share insights on how the pandemic is changing business models and potential implications for brand owners.


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Speakers :

  • Javier

    Javier Calvar, Javier has been with Ipsos for over a decade, having previously held senior roles with Ipsos in Greater China and the UK. Prior to joining Ipsos, Javier held managerial roles with Kantar in London, Shanghai and then as Head of their Consumer Division across Hong Kong and Singapore. He spent 17 years of his career in China.

    A chartered management consultant, Javier has been involved in a wide range of projects for clients across different sectors, helping brands identify new growth opportunities, develop strategies to realise such opportunities, and ultimately increase their market share. He a strong advocate of strategies that deliver for all stakeholders – consumers, businesses, and the wider community.

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