Fair Data

Fair data

We endorse the ten basic principles of the Fair Data Privacy Code. As a Fair Data company, we can use the Fair Data quality mark that can only be used by marketing, insights and analytics organizations that are part of the MOA.

10 rules for the privacy of consumers:

  • We use and respect the Fair Data Privacy Code, with your privacy and anonymity as the starting point.
  • We will not collect, store or process personal data if there is any doubt whether the ten rules of the Fair Data Privacy Code have been complied with.
  • We will never use personal data for any purposes other than anonymous market research and data analysis.
  • We will collect special personal data only after your permission.
  • We will never mislead you about the goal of the research or the data analysis for which the personal data is used.
  • We will include your directly identifiable data in publications of the market research and the data analysis only after your unambiguous consent.
  • We will carefully store and protect data while observing the MOA guidelines for data security.
  • We will make sure that our employees are trained and instructed on using personal data and that they have signed a confidentiality agreement.
  • Your personal data from market research and data analysis as the starting point is always anonymous as this information cannot be traced back or linked to you and is not deductible.
  • We will set identical requirements for our subcontractors, who are hired for market research and data analysis, in connection to subscribing to and acting in compliance with the Fair Data Privacy Code.