Quality Policy and ISO

Our quality management system
Our quality management system is focused on safeguarding quality, unequivocalness and ongoing improvement of our primary business processes.
To safeguard the quality of the management system and improve it on an ongoing basis, a number of internal processes are in place in our business operation:

  • Internal quality audits of all departments of the company executed by specially trained internal auditors.
  • A quality manager who, together with the management, is responsible for signaling and implementing policy to promote ongoing quality improvement.
  • An analysis of:
    • The satisfaction among our clients
    • The quality of the performance of our external suppliers
    • Any complaints clients may have
    • Rejected research proposals
    • Key indicators within all project processors, executed by “process controllers” appointed for this purpose

The annual employee motivation survey among our own staff.
Our research is focused on results, but we also devote ample time to the invisible quality of our work. Since no matter how beautiful the presentation looks and no matter how convincingly the conclusions have been formulated - good data quality is the basis of our research.