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Grow sales in an omnichannel world.

We help you optimise your shopper strategy, make the most of omnichannel touchpoints, and test your activations efficiently.


LIFE Path provides a deep understanding of the path to purchase and answers business questions such as: how can I anticipate and influence behaviour change in the new retail landscape, what is the reach, impact and role of physical and digital touchpoints, and what are the right touchpoints and messages? LIFE Path uses a holistic approach covering on-premise, online, mobile and voice shopping.

LIFE Path connects with shoppers via technology-driven approaches designed to capture in the moment shopping experiences. LIFE Path uses a framework that consists of four modules:

  • Listen: Stakeholder interviews, desk research, meta-analysis of existing data, and social listening.
  • Interview: Device agnostic diary for in the moment information on touchpoints and purchases, followed by post-purchase interviews.
  • Follow: Shopper observation and journey recording via video spy glasses, in-store observation, video analytics, and passive metering.
  • Engage: Insight activation within your organisation through workshops, storytelling, curation, and training.


iDNA is a suite of solutions that helps clients make smart decisions about eCommerce touchpoints, shopper targets and e-tail strategy. With a focus on eCommerce, iDNA maps the online path to purchase, uncovers online shopper dynamics, and optimises conversion online. iDNA offers flexibility to help clients win in eCommerce:

  • iGO to quantify the eCommerce path to purchase and help you understand online shoppers
  • iSHOP to uncover shopping behaviour and brand choices within a specific eCommerce retailer
  • iBUY to test alternative executions of your brand on a retailer website using a simulated online environment


Simstore is Ipsos’ virtual shelf technology platform that helps quantify winning strategies through simulated bricks & mortar and eCommerce shopping environments. Simstore gets to the root of how shoppers make decisions, enabling clients to improve navigation and optimise retail conditions and package designs. Supported by a team of seasoned shopper and packaging design experts, the solution offers realistic, highly accurate scenario testing. Simstore’s validated approach is highly predictive of sales with applications for category specific, 360° total store and eCommerce views.

Simstore’s online research can be enhanced with behavioural science experimentation, central location virtual reality, eye-tracking and biometrics for deeper insights into shopper attitudes, behaviours and underlying emotions. Read more and watch our video: