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How to make insights more impactful to business growth by workshopping with different client teams.

Insights-for-Impact workshops facilitate a human-centric experience to build empathy that will drive relevant actions for business impact.

The workshops Ipsos UU facilitates immerse our client into people’s stories and brings the research to life in order to build empathy that will drive relevant actions for business impact. This enables clients to distill insights that really matter to the consumer. During the workshops those relevant insights can be used as part of an action plan to develop winning innovation ideas, to position the brand against those insights, or to develop or identify communication ideas.

During the workshop, we bring research to life via ideation, storytelling, video excursions, ethnography, curation or consumer journeys.

We create memorable experiences that bring the topic and target to life to help create more impact. This can be done through co-creation, Behavioural Science, Trends, Experts & Influencers, outsiders’ perspective case studies and the many divergence techniques that we have.

We provide tools and capabilities that can help activate all the topics discussed during the workshop. We enable the teams to collaborate, align, and discuss accountability.

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