Spotlight: Saudi Arabia's Travelers Report

As part of the Spotlight Series, the Saudi Arabia Travelers Report reveals the locals' travel habits

Saudi Arabians travel for both, business and pleasure and like to explore different destinations. The Spotlight report reveals that there are more locals traveling internationally (65%) versus domestically (36%).


Similarly to many, they prefer leisure over business travel, but who wouldn't? While only 27% travel for business purposes, 77% travel for pleasure. Most of these travelers remained in the Middle East with Egypt being their preferred destination, followed by the UAE and Turkey. If the destination is budget friendly, then this would be one of the main factors which influences Saudi's choice. They are also on the look for scenic natures, beaches and resorts.


Saudis seem to be independent and spontaneous travelers, most of them prefer to reside in furnished apartments over hotel rooms. They also like to purchase their travel itineraries, accommodation, and transportation separately, as opposed to an entire travel package. Even with the digital evolution, 61% of Saudis prefer to book their tickets via travel agents while only 39% book online.




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