Edouard Monin

Ipsos in MENA Chairman & CEO

Elie Aoun

Ipsos Connect CEO - MENA

Joseph Habre

Ipsos Operations & IIS CEO - MENA

Mustapha Tabba

Ipsos in MENA COO & Ipsos Loyalty COO - MENA

Mohammed Minawi

Regional Senior Director for Ipsos Marketing - MENA

Rana Srouji

Regional Senior Director for Partnering and ASI - MENA

Panicos Ioannides

KSA Country Representative

KSA Senior Management Team

Joseph Helou

Media Director, Ipsos Connect

Samir Jha

Director, Ipsos Marketing

Elie Badran

Head of Ipsos Loyalty & Commercial Director, Riyadh

Minhaj Alam

Field Project Manager, Ipsos Operations

Amine Sila


Global management

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