Spotlight*KSA: Views on AI

Views on Artificial Intelligence in Saudi Arabia.

Artificial Intelligence

In this report of the Spotlight*KSA series, we delve into the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Kingdom. The report reveals that 77% have a good understanding of what AI is and 72% are aware which types of products and services use AI. Both results surpass the global averages across the 32 countries which were surveyed.

In terms of sentiments towards AI, 8 in 10 individuals feel excited about products and services using AI. However, most (66%) are nervous about AI, which is a trend that has been on the rise since 2021.

The majority also believe AI will enhance various aspects of life in the near future, including the economy in Saudi Arabia (76%), their time management (72%) , entertainment options (69%) and various other areas.

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