Perception vs Reality: Singaporeans Most Accurate in APAC

Singapore, 06 December 2017 – Ipsos’ latest “Perils of Perception” survey highlights how wrong the online public across 38 countries are about key global issues in their country.

Perception vs Reality: Singaporeans Most Accurate in APAC

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Perception vs Reality: Ipsos study revelas Singaporeans most accurate in Asia Pacific

Singapore, 06 December 2017 - Ipsos' latest "Perils of Perception" survey highlights how wrong the online public across 38 countries are about key global issues in their country.

In Asia Pacific, countries included in the survey were Singapore, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, India, the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. Joseph Chua, Managing Director of Ipsos in Singapore comments, "On many subjects - murder rates terrorist deaths, teenage pregnany diabetes and how healthy people feel - things are NOT as bad as they seem!"

Some of the key patterns in Asia Pacific are:

  • Only 17% of people think the murder rate is lower in their country than it was in 2000 - but it is significantly down in most Asia Pacific countries, and, across the countries overall, it is down 49%.
  • Only 19% think deaths from terrorist attacks are lower in the last 15 years than they were in the 15 years before that - when they have actually reduced by about 15% across the 11 APAC countries surveyed.
  • Most overestimated the percentage of prisoners who are foreigners in their countries, with the average guess at 22%, when it is actually 9%.
  • Teen pregnancy is overestimated across the region, often by a staggering amount. Overall, the average guess is that 21% of teenage girls give birth each year when the reality is below 2%. The Philippines recorded the highest teenage pregnancies among the 11 markets surveyed. Filipinos guessed that 40% of teenage girls give birth each year, when the actual figure is only 6.3%
  • Six in ten people across Asia Pacific countries are unsure or believe that there is a link between some vaccines and autism in healthy children, despite the claim being widely discredited - only 36% think it is false.
  • Among APAC citizens, the USA is seen as the booziest nation in the world, when it actually only ranks 13th. Very few correctly picked Belgium as the country with the highest alcohol consumption in the study. Australia and South Korea both have strong self-images as boozy nations, with nearly 6 in 10 in each picking their own country as one of the top three alcohol consumers.
  • But the USA is correctly seen as having the sweetest tooth, a clear winner, picked well ahead of any other country.
  • People generally overestimate how connected by technology we are, with the average guess across Asia Pacific countries that 71% have a Facebook account when only 42% do (excludes China).
  • People in every country overestimate the extent of diabetes in their country. Asia Pacific respondents thinks 35% of their population have the condition when only 8% do.
  • Hong Kong and south Korea hugely underestimate the significance of suicide among young adults in their country.

Among individual Asia Pacific countries, we get something very wrong and other guesses are quite accurate...


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