The DNC Registry and Surveys

A large part of what we do at Ipsos involves collecting the opinions and feedback directly from consumers. The information we collect is important to us as they go into numerous pieces of research that impacts businesses, customer experience and public policy too. Gathering of such data sometimes requires us to contact potential respondents via phone.

If you are on the DNC Registry and have received a call from us to participate in a survey, you might be wondering why. The DNC registry was put in place indeed to allow consumers more control over the kind of marketing they receive by phone. However, the DNC Registry focuses on telemarketing calls or messages of a commercial nature and excludes contact for pure market survey or research purposes.

While your opinions and feedback are important to us, we respect that you might not want to be contacted for our surveys. If this is so, please send us a note via our Contact Us page and we will ensure you are promptly removed from the Singapore Ipsos' calling lists.

For more information on the Do Not Call Registry, visit: