Singaporeans hold high opinion of teachers and the local education system

Teachers further expected to be trained in teaching students how to use AI

A new survey by global market research company, Ipsos, finds that Singaporeans have a high opinion of the country’s teachers and the local education system.

In a survey among citizens of 29 countries, 74% of Singaporean respondents consider the quality of their local education system good - the highest rating across all countries surveyed. This markedly outdoes the global average of 30%, and countries like Australia (57%), India (55%), Indonesia (53%), Malaysia (37%) and Thailand (42%).

Moreover, 66% of Singaporeans find that the standard of their local education system has improved as compared to their own school days, and a remarkable 86% agree that most educational institutions have adequate resources and facilities (e.g., textbooks, technology, laboratories). In terms of their attitudes towards teachers, Singaporeans appreciate how difficult the job of teaching is. Of the Singapore respondents, 80% agreed that teachers in Singapore work diligently, placing the nation as third highest globally and surpassing the global average appreciation rate of 67%.

Additionally, Singaporeans recognize and appreciate the remuneration teachers receive, with 70% believing that teachers are adequately paid – a sentiment that places the city-state second globally, and significantly eclipses the global average of 46%. Furthermore, 77% of participants agree that the teaching profession is adequately respected. This places Singapore as the second highest worldwide, contrasting sharply with the global average of 45%.

Interestingly, over half of the respondents (54%) would advise their children or a young person they know to join this noble profession – a sharp contrast against the global average of 43%. A substantial 67% of local citizens also believe that teachers possess values similar to their own, second highest on a global scale.

While the survey highlighted the positive attitude towards teachers, it also emphasized the community's expectation for educators in the tech-savvy future. 74% of Singaporeans think it is essential for teachers to be trained in using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in their teaching methods, with 79% emphasizing the importance for teachers to be trained in teaching students how to use AI, and 77% acknowledging the necessity of identifying student work enhanced by AI.

Despite expected challenges, most Singaporeans uphold a balanced perspective towards technological progression in education. While 3% predict no impact of technological advances (including AI) on the future of education, 37% forecast more positive than negative implications, and slightly more, 41%, expect an equally balanced impact. The study also reveals that some 29% of Singaporeans support banning the use of AI, including ChatGPT, in schools, whereas a strong 46% opposes such a restriction.

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