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We are Cultural Intelligence

We believe in diving into the CONTEXT of everything – what consumers think, without knowing why they think it.

Our latest webinar: How brands' communication travel across cultures?

In an increasingly complex world, understanding cultural context is essential to ensure brands are successful and campaigns resonate beyond borders.
Watch the webinar replay and learn from Ipsos experts.

Applied Anthropology

Although academics and businesses often have similar objectives, they usually operate in parallel worlds. Applied Anthropology brings those worlds together.

Latest thinking

Commercial semiotics is a market research method that decodes what consumers see in your brand (the 'signs' – words, colours, logos, sounds, images, concepts) and the implicit meaning they give those signs.

Semioticians interpret brands by breaking down the signs into their underlying associations. It reveals the potential of your brand to connect with consumers in your category and markets, helping you understand and steer your cultural relevance. It can help your brand develop, grow, stretch and disrupt.