Alcoholic Drinks: What's Trending?

The alcoholic drinks industry, like many others, has experienced an interesting journey over the past few years. Regulatory changes and barriers, demographic shifts, changing consumer preferences, increased concern about health and technological evolutions are just some of the reasons why the market place has been disrupted.

Alcoholic Drinks: What's Trending?

Ipsos MORI has conducted research to understand the current trends, and analyse the implications this has for the industry.

The first paper, ‘Crafting a definition’, explores the craft beer revolution. Global brands have bought up independent breweries and have created their own craft beer. Whilst small microbreweries have launched a ‘seal’ – a logo on the product which recognises that the beer has been produced by independents. A hard definition has never been defined, and we argue it’s not necessary to create one either. In a historically homogenous industry, any injection of flavour, packaging or enhanced experience in the sector is extremely exciting. We asked consumers to tell us which attributes they associate most strongly to craft beer. The brands who can deliver against these expectations most effectively and delight the consumer are going to be most successful.

The second paper ‘What’s my alternative?’ looks at how the alcoholic drinks industry can respond effectively to the change in consumer behaviour around health. The focus on health among UK consumers is increasing and shows little sign of slowing down. Consumers are more willing than ever to try new diets – gluten and dairy free, and vegan being three such examples. In a category not typically associated with health, translating this trend into the sector isn’t easy. We asked consumers what their bridges and barriers are. We found a clear disparity between what consumers say they want (health benefits) and what they actually want (a nice tasting product). If brands are aware of this, they will be able to satisfy the ever-complicated consumer

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