How technology can fuel behavioral research – and enrich your insights

This paper argues traditional Usage & Attitude survey (U&A) must evolve and how technology is creating “new rules of the road” for its research

TechnologyOur clients are riding a wave of disruption that shows no signs of receding. Virtually every industry, from mobility to food and beverage, is seeing dramatic transformation.

With disruption creating fast-changing consumer behaviors and attitudes, it is essential for U&A to evolve as well.

This paper outlines how technology is creating three “new rules of the road” for U&A research.

These include:

Capture real behaviors and actions, on top of stated responses.

  • Offline moments and profiles through GPS sensor apps (which can be integrated with online activity timelines).
  • Online behaviors and digital activity through passive monitoring (which helps build consumer profiles and digital journeys).

Uncover consumers’ System 1 reactions, not only their System 2 thinking.

System 1 brand and category perspectives via short, in the moment mobile surveys (which can include metaphor elicitation to aid spontaneous or brand associations).

Connect with consumers in the moment, not just through recall.

  • Contextual insights via images and videos captured on mobile phones and tablets.
  • Natural trends and brand perspectives through unfiltered, organic conversations derived from social data (and analyzed through deep artificial intelligence-powered text analytics).

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