Attention Reimagined: The New Age of Emotainment

In the fast-paced world of media consumption, brands face challenges in connecting with consumers. Ipsos and TikTok conducted a research study to explore the impact of emotional resonance and goosebump-inducing content on digital media platforms.

Tiktok Emotainment

The findings revealed that with its entertaining and inspiring content, TikTok excels in creating emotional connections with users. Compared to other digital platforms, TikTok elicits higher positive feelings and provides a more immersive experience, holding 92% of users' attention. Branded content on TikTok is also more likely to induce goosebumps, fostering emotional resonance. The study highlights the significance of emotional storytelling, as it leads to increased brand recall, loyalty, and even impulsive buying. Moments of high emotional resonance on TikTok have a spill-over effect on ads, improving performance in key business metrics and influencing purchasing decisions. By leveraging native content and maintaining a positive tone, brands can tap into the emotainment phenomenon and create impactful experiences on TikTok.

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