Ipsos Update - July 2022

Ben Page introduces July’s edition of Ipsos Update with his reflections on the mounting public concern about inflation and the consequences of this for consumer spending. Alongside updates on how people around the world are reacting to cost-of-living pressures, this month’s articles focus on topics which include the demographics and psychographics of Pakistan, and the changing global attitudes towards refugees. We also take a look at the latest Ipsos Views papers on the growth of commerce ecosystems, achieving intimate consumer connections in large communities, and the use of AI to predict future innovation success.

Explore a range of topics in our monthly round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos around the world. In this edition:

Consumer Book of Pakistan

To mark the 10th birthday of Ipsos in Pakistan, our Pakistan team has published the “Ipsos Consumer Book”. It highlights key shifts over time in the demographics and psychographics of the country.
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Convergent Commerce Ecosystems

Shopping is no longer a place nor a linear journey, but a fluid set of activities across touchpoints and channels. We examine the growth of consumer, retailer, and brand commerce ecosystems.
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What Worries the World

Our 27-country survey finds inflation is the number one worry globally for the third month in a row. Meanwhile, despite being the top concern as recently as February 2022, Covid-19 is now in 10th place.
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Driving Authentic Engagement in Large Online Communities

We set out recommendations for achieving intimate consumer connections in communities with as many as 5,000 members and discuss the opportunities that this kind of engagement presents.
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Holiday Barometer 2022

The 21st edition of the Ipsos/Europ Assistance Holiday Barometer indicates a significant rebound in consumer intention to travel as concerns about Covid-19 decrease from last year.
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Beyond the Hype

This paper presents the practical challenges involved in using artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict the potential success of new innovations.
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World Refugee Day 2022

Our 28-country survey shows an increase in positivity towards refugees compared with 2021 findings. Globally, a majority support their country accepting refugees escaping violent conflict or the effects of climate change.
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Spotlight on Podcasts

Listen to Global CEO Ben Page in conversation about “cognitive polyphasia”. Meanwhile, the authors of the “Future of Insights” white papers reflect on the transformation of organisations’ insights functions.
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Also find short articles on public perceptions of early childhood in the UK, trust in the media in Canada, and responsible driving in Europe.