Igniting the Festive Frenzy through TikTok

The TikTok Marketing Science Eid post evaluation conducted by Ipsos emphasizes the significance of TikTok as a platform for engaging with the Eid community and provides insights into successful brand activation. TikTok becomes the vibrant hub for fulfilling all your Eid shopping desires, offering captivating content, enticing deals, and a virtual space that brings the Eid community together. Discover the Tik-Tastic Eid, to ignite the festive frenzy, influence your purchase decisions, and curate an unforgettable Eid experience.

Eid Al Adha

Spark the Spirit of Eid A point of view on Eid authored by Tina Mushahwar, Research Executive – Brand Health Tracking at Ipsos UAE, & Mahmoud Shammout, Head of Research & Insights at TikTok METAP

Twice a year, Eid unfurls its magical essence, binding diverse communities in shared celebrations and inclusivity.

Feeling the pulse of Eid anticipation

Eid envelops people in a joyful, wishful mood, igniting their excitement for shopping and gifting. The festivities inspire new discoveries with a touch of wonder. Eid's magical spell fuels a desire to create cherished memories.

Wishlist planning starts 1-2 weeks before Eid

The enthusiasm of Eid celebrations often leads to an interesting phenomenon; people tend to purchase more than they initially plan to, 70% planned to shop for Eid, while 81% actually shopped. And 7 in 10 spent more than they originally set out to.


Eid is a time when wishes come true People want to look their best & indulge in luxurious products & experiences during Eid. It is a time when people experience the finest things in life, symbolizing abundance and prosperity.

Entertainment as the Gateway to Fulfilling Eid Shopping

As digital platforms transform into virtual gathering spaces for the Eid community, anticipation builds for the captivating content that will enhance the celebrations.

The Tik-Tastic Eid

During Eid, 71% of people expect to see content on best Eid deals information, while 76% of people expect to see entertaining & fun content. TikTok in specifically shines as entertainment hub for fulfilling Eid exploration. 61% of Users believe that TikTok is even more entertaining during Eid! More than 6 in 10 people believe that TikTok's content greatly influence brand discovery, inspiration, and has relevant Eid-related content.

The pivotal role of content creators

Through engaging videos, 1 in 2 believe that content creators introduce new brands, share personal experiences, and inspire festive elements. Their authenticity and relatability resonate with audiences, making them instrumental in shaping trends and enhancing the festive spirit of Eid.


From TikTok to action – Elevating engagement

Branded Eid content on TikTok inspires viewers to take active steps beyond passive consumption, turning viewers into active participants in the brand's journey where 53% of people bought a product after seeing it on TikTok! TikTok users in specifically have elevated purchase behaviors.

So, what is the secret recipe for activating on TikTok?

79% Prioritize Compelling Content:

Highlight the joy and significance of the occasion.

79% Embrace Relevant Advertising:

Tap into nostalgia by creating ads that evoke childhood memories.

62% Ensure Convenient Commerce:

Make it easy for customers to find and purchase your products.

60% Foster Community Connection:

Engage with the TikTok community by leveraging popular hashtags, challenges, and collaborations.


Source: TikTok Marketing Science Eid post evaluation, conducted by Ipsos, 2023

Markets covered – UAE, KSA, Turkey| Sample Size - 1500


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