Ipsos Update – August 2022

With recent record-high temperatures in Europe in mind, Ben Page introduces this month’s edition with reflections on whether the more urgent threat of inflation threatens to overshadow the global public’s concern about climate change. We explore this in more detail with articles on perceptions of inflation in the MENA region, and deep dives into concern about climate change in Switzerland and support for net zero policies in the UK. We also look at the perception of traditional and non-traditional media across the EU and how technology will influence the future of music.

Explore a range of topics in our monthly round-up of the latest research and thinking from Ipsos around the world.

In this edition:

Views on Inflation in MENA

Inflation is a top concern for people across MENA, with a regional average of 94% saying that prices have increased over the past 12 months. We look at how consumers are responding.
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What Worries the World

Across 27 countries, almost four in ten now consider inflation to be a top issue facing their country. Meanwhile, worry about coronavirus has risen for the first time since December 2021.
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Net Zero Living

In partnership with the Centre for Climate Change and Social Transformation (CAST), we take a deep dive into attitudes towards net zero policies, and look at how to increase support and participation.
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Sustainability in Switzerland

Climate change concern is high in Switzerland, but so is pessimism about making progress on tackling it. We explore what consumers are already doing, and what they are prepared to do, for sustainability.
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Media and News Survey 2022

Citizens’ perceptions of the European Union and Parliament are influenced by what they see, hear and read. This report explores how people interact with the media across the 27 EU member states.
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The Future of Music

Technology is influencing music in every way, from how artists create it, to how fans interact, to how audiences view performances. We explore how we might experience music in the future. 
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Untapped Potential

This 26-country survey shows large geographical differences in entrepreneurial activity and aspirations. It also highlights increases in entrepreneurialism among women and people of lower incomes.
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Attitudes Towards Corruption in the EU

Across the 27 EU member states, a third of companies say that corruption is a problem when doing business. This report examines the perception of its prevalence and opinions on how to tackle it.
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Also find short articles on the perceptions and awareness of issues surrounding refugees, a look back at the best Ipsos podcasts from the past month, and a new report presenting a new framework for making policy and using evidence.