The Rise of Linear TV Amid COVID-19 Outbreak in UAE

Since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit the MENA region, many people had to alter and adapt their lifestyle accordingly. With that, people's viewing habits and overall media consumption have also witnessed a massive shift within this period of self-isolation and quarantine.

This report highlights the prominent role of Linear TV in the current climate, and the increasing interest in viewing this medium among Locals and Arabs in UAE during the month of March. We also compare the results based on Ipsos’ Telemetry research during the pre-quarantine period and the quarantine period.

The results indicate that the viewership of Linear TV among Locals and Arabs in UAE witnessed an increase during the second half of March, with 97% of the population watching TV during this time. Viewership jumped 36 minutes in the time spent watching TV in comparison to the pre-pandemic period, reaching 4 hours and 46 minutes; its highest peak since the start of 2020.