Artificial intelligence: What brands, innovators and digital product managers need to know today

ChatGPT just launched GPT-4, promising to revolutionize AI again. Here’s what consumers think, according to Ipsos research.

Don’t tell GPT-3, but GPT-4 is out.

OpenAI’s latest update to its artificial intelligence platform ChatGPT will bring increased expectations and potential concerns both from society at large, as well as the increasing number of companies leveraging this groundbreaking technology.

Perspective on these tools is evolving constantly – almost as fast the tools themselves – as people become more aware of the opportunities, risks and unintended consequences of AI models. 

Ipsos is collecting benchmarks and trending data on several crucial AI topics, which is a crucial input to every AI-enabled digital product and services success: 

  • Whether conversations around AI are positive or negative
  • How we think artificial intelligence will affect the way we work
  • Whether people like – or trust – entertainment, news and marketing content created by AI
  • Whether people want the government to step in to protect them from AI-related job losses
  • Artificial intelligence buzz on social media, collected via Ipsos’ AI-powered social intelligence platform, Synthesio

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