Four things marketers need to know as we navigate 2021

Discover research-driven consumer trends that will become the keys to brand success in 2021.

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  • Ray Kong Executive Vice President
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Cautiously optimistic was an apt description of Canadians as we approached the final months of 2020. Positive news of vaccine efficacy coupled with the start of actual vaccinations was providing many with a sense of hope that the worst was behind us. However, since these announcements, Canadians’ sense of optimism has been tempered by renewed lockdowns and travel bans, discoveries of other, more virulent mutations, and supply chain issues, all of which are pushing out our return to normal timetable.

The widely reported changes in core consumer behaviours and attitudes accelerated by COVID remain and have had more time to entrench themselves. Brands must continue to pivot. As we start navigating 2021, here are four things marketers need to keep top of mind. 

  1. Plan fast, execute quickly, learn, repeat
  2. See change through to the end
  3. And create deeds before words
  4. Recognizing that we’re all not in this together.

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The author(s)

  • Ray Kong Executive Vice President

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