Bridging the Brand Experience Gap

We share insights into how to align brand promise and customer experience for business success.

Brand Experience | CX | IpsosBrand and experience are becoming increasingly intertwined, creating a powerful intersection to which organisations must pay attention. An explicit understanding of the role of customer experience (CX) and its impact on brand equity and growth is needed to build strong brands.

This paper introduces Brand CX Forces, Ipsos’ integrated measurement system that enables organizations to bridge any gap that may exist between what a brand promises to deliver and how people interact with the brand through CX.

Brand CX Forces brings together two of Ipsos’ leading assets – Brand Value Creator (BVC) and The Forces of CX – allowing organizations to ensure their brand building and CX activities are working harmoniously to drive the critically important business goal of achieving and maintaining brand growth.

Key takeaways include:

  • Brands need to pay attention to customer experience and its impact on brand equity and growth, especially as consumer expectations are increasing and becoming more liquid across different product and service categories.
  • If there is a gap between what a brand says and what it does, customer expectations are violated, and attitudinal and behavioural adjustments can follow. 
  • For brands to become strong and successful, they need to deliver on their promise. 
  • Knowing precisely how to forge the strongest bonds with customers, whilst ensuring the delivery of prime customer experiences, will not only enable brands to better retain existing customers but also to better acquire new customers.

Accounting for the powerful intersection between brand building and CX in brand performance measurement is needed in a world of ever-growing competition and continually evolving customer expectations.


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