NASPL Pioneering Innovation Conference

Ipsos is delighted to be taking part in this year’s unique event designed to bring together lottery industry employees at all levels in a small-group, hands-on format. Workshops cover all the primary disciplines in the industry: accounting, audit, information technology, legal, product managers, public relations, sales and marketing, and security. Be sure to join us for:

July 23 | 3:15pm – 3:45pm

A Nostalgic Journey: Enhancing Lottery Advertising Through the Power of the Past 

Kim Short, Senior Vice President, Brand Health Tracking, Ipsos 
Kayla Kassis, Research Manager, California Lottery 

The decades following World War II painted a picture of prosperity and progress. Globalization spurred economic growth, iconic brands emerged, and life expectancy rose. For those who came of age between 1950 and 2000, it was an era of relative peace and optimism – a golden age. However, the landscape has shifted dramatically with recent events like the pandemic, inflation, and global conflicts. Consumers now find themselves yearning for the comfort and simplicity of the past. This presents a golden opportunity for brands, especially lotteries, to tap into this nostalgia and forge deeper connections with their audience. Join us as we explore the power of nostalgia and its impact on lottery advertising:

  • Understanding the Shift – We'll delve into the major forces shaping American thought today and how they contribute to the longing for simpler times.
  • Nostalgia as a Marketing Tool – Discover how nostalgia marketing effectively addresses consumer desires during uncertain times and creates powerful emotional connections. 
  • California Lottery Case Study – Witness the compelling results of the California Lottery's nostalgia-driven television campaigns and their impact on brand engagement.
  • Implementing Nostalgia in Your Lottery – Learn practical strategies to incorporate nostalgia into your own lottery's marketing efforts and enhance your brand's appeal. 


July 24 | 1:45pm – 2:15pm

Optimizing Scratch-Off Sales: A Deep Dive Into Player Behavior and Retail Strategies

Rohit Nair, Vice President of Innovation, Ipsos 
Scott Morasch, Senior Vice President, Ipsos 
Anastasya Kroyer, Data and Research Analyst, Florida Lottery 

The Florida Lottery boasts one of the nation's largest scratch-off game markets. In 2023, the lottery embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the retail player journey and experience. Their primary goal was optimizing their scratch-off display and dispensers at retail and improving player engagement across different store formats. The research findings provided actionable insights that guided the Florida Lottery in optimizing planogram design and maximizing product visibility, ultimately leading to increased sales and player engagement. This presentation will highlight the key findings and business implications from the Florida Lottery’s comprehensive research on this topic, offering valuable insights for optimizing scratch-off sales. Hear more about:

Planogram and layout assessment of different dispenser configurations using eye-tracking technology. 

  • Quantitative testing of dispenser planogram configurations using a simulated shopping experience. 
  • Auto-ethnography with lottery players to capture their entire store journey experience. 

July 24 | 3:30pm – 4:00pm

Leveraging AI for Lottery Innovation: Uncovering Opportunities and Enhancing Concepts 

Scott Morasch, Senior Vice President, Ipsos
Rohit Nair, Vice President, Ipsos 

The lottery industry faces the ongoing challenge of attracting and engaging players while adapting to evolving consumer preferences. Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers powerful tools to address these challenges by providing data-driven insights and facilitating innovative concept development. This presentation will explore how AI can be effectively utilized in lottery innovation, focusing on addressing unmet player needs and enhancing the concept development process,including: 

  • Evolving Player Preferences – Utilizing AI to analyze player data and market trends to understand changing preferences and identify opportunities for innovation. 
  • Identifying Unmet Needs – Exploring how AI can reveal hidden patterns and previously unrecognized needs within player segments, providing valuable insights for concept development.
  • AI-Driven Concept Generation – Examining the role of AI in brainstorming and developing creative lottery concepts that align with identified needs and market trends. 
  • Concept Optimization and Refinement – Understanding how AI can assist in refining concept wording, prize structures, and marketing messages to maximize player appeal and market potential. 
  • Predictive Market Analysis – Leveraging AI models to assess the viability of new lottery concepts and predict their potential success, enabling data-driven decision-making.