[WEBINAR] Sustainable Packaging: A Potential Avenue of Distinction

ESG (specifically sustainability) can be the foundation of great innovation.

Consumers are increasingly considering the larger impact of product adoption – whether through the impact of the manufacturing process, packaging materials, or supporting a manufacturer that promotes equity and social responsibility.

We know that sustainability focused innovation can generate a positive consumer experience. But our clients would do well to remember that sustainability should not be the only goal, but rather a means to better address core & unmet consumer needs. A ‘purpose-focused’ narrative is an enabler for the proposition to enter consumers’ consideration set; it can drive positive perceptions of the brand, and may eventually convince people to try that product or another one from the same brand.

At Ipsos we can help our clients determine the success of their sustainable innovation efforts by being part of the process. We do this by…

  • engaging our agile tools and services to accelerate time to market
  • working in ways that get us ‘closer to real’
  • providing clients with confidence with validated metrics, expertise, and bolder approaches

In this next session from our ESG series, Ipsos’ Dionne Daley will discuss the role of sustainable packaging in innovation. Learn how Ipsos goes deeper to better understand your brand’s consumers, what will resonate best with them, and how you can explore sustainable packaging as a potential avenue of distinction; a critical component for in-market success.

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Speakers :

  • Dionne Daley, VP, Ipsos Innovation

Consumer & Shopper