[Webinar] How physical and digital fundamentals are changing

Alison Chaltas – Global President, Path to Purchase — will provide an update about the recent learnings on new shopper experiences and changing behaviours, like the rise of ecommerce, experimentation on new products & purchase journeys.

She will share thoughts on impact for your company on shopper and channel strategies, in-store and online presentation, activation, pricing and new ways to implement successful marketing strategies.

Tony Smith – Global Head of Customer Experience Activation – will provide an update on adapting the Consumer Environment to New Realities: how organisations are responding to new customer expectations while also complying with new regulations - for example on health & safety requirements.

Marion-Anne Cattaneo and Stephane Paoli will complement the session with providing recent case studies showing how you can learn and act.

Please join us for the webinar.

Speakers :

  • Alison Chaltas, Global President, Path to Purchase

  • Tony Smith, Global Head of Customer Experience Activation

  • Marion-Anne Cattaneo, Service Line Leader, Innovation, Market Strategy & Understanding in Switzerland

  • Stephane Paoli, Service Line Leader, Customer Experience & Mystery in Switzerland

Consumer & Shopper